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Niemann Capital Management
Niemann Risk Managed Global Opportunity

Niemann's objective with Global Opportunity is to exploit intermediate trends in both international and domestic stock and bond markets while seeking to limit risk. Niemann gradually increases long positions when its strategy confirms an upward trend. Accounts typically hold 10 to 20 positions from a broad universe of domestic and international equity and bond mutual funds and ETFs. During market downturns, Global Opportunity can gradually move to money market, cash, bonds and/or net short postitions (through the purchase of inverse funds) in an attempt to reduce long exposure and manage risk.

Niemann Risk Managed US Equity

US Equity’s objective is to exploit intermediate stock market trends while also seeking to limit risk. This strategy invests only in domestic equity ETFs and mutual funds. There is no bond or international exposure. This program typically holds 10 to 15 positions representing a broad universe of mutual funds and ETFs that Niemann’s proprietary strategy has determined to have the highest potential for gain. In down markets, Risk Managed will move to cash (money market), awaiting another uptrend. US Equity can be fully invested, partially in cash, completely in cash, or even partially short as a hedge against existing long positions. It will not go net short.

Niemann Dynamic US Equity Core Program

The objective of this strategy is to exploit intermediate trends in domestic markets by being fully invested in domestic equities at all times. Dynamic is a very aggressive approach, seeking to out-perform domestic equity benchmarks over a complete market cycle. Dynamic is typically allocated into 10 to 20 positions from a broad universe of domestic equities, encompassing a variety of asset classes and sectors. Far from a buy-and-hold strategy, Dynamic rotates among market sectors as conditions dictate, emphasizing investment return over capital preservation. It does not go to cash in down markets.

Niemann Risk Managed Global Bond Program

A global fixed-income ETF managed portfolio that invests in fixed income ETFs including, but not limited to, sovereign, corporate, municipal, investment grade and high yield, of any duration. The strategy uses a tactical rotational approach with trend following and relative strength disciplines. Global Bond seeks to offer downside protection by incrementally going to cash or cash equivalents as they believe market risk becomes excessive. At times Global Bond can be up to 100% in cash to minimize potential losses.

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