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Potomac Fund Management
Guardian Program (video)

This strategy actively allocates across mutual funds representing many sectors and/or asset classes. Investments are primarily limited to low-volatility mutual funds in an overall effort to reduce downside exposure. Potomac searches out mutual funds with a history of providing higher risk-adjusted returns. Specialty investments may be used from time to time to hedge risk and potentially provide for smoother returns. Risk-management policies may also increase cash or money market allocations up to 100% of an account during adverse market conditions. Read more >>

Income Plus Program (video)

The objective of the Potomac Income Plus Program is to provide a stable, long-term return for the purpose of either consistent positive growth or taking income without invading principal. Returns are a combination of both current income and capital appreciation with an emphasis on risk management. Investments may include both domestic and international government and corporate fixed income mutual funds as well as specialized equity funds. In Income Plus, the emphasis is always on low volatility and favorable risk-adjusted returns at the portfolio level. During adverse market conditions, up to 100% of accounts may be invested in cash and/or money market funds. Read more >>

Bull/Bear Program (video)

The Potomac Bull/Bear Program sits in cash the majority of the time while waiting for the optimum opportunity to invest. The decision to move into a long trade is based on the strength of Potomac's proprietary blend of fundamental, technical and seasonality indicators. The Bull/Bear trading model is mechanical and involves some manager discretion, reducing position sizes when market volatility is at extreme levels. When Bull/Bear does invest on the long side, it will buy a 150% leveraged S&P 500 Index fund. If the market indicators used to make investment decisions turn strongly negative, the model may short the market through the use of an inverse S&P 500 Index fund. To-date, however, Bull/Bear has never entered into a short trade. Possible allocations will generally be 100% of account value long, 100% short or 100% in cash (money market). Read more >>

Combine Multiple Strategies

Potomac also has the ability to blend a combination of the above strategies in a single account. This can give you a more customized portfolio based on your individual needs. Call us to learn more about options for blending a combination of Potomac's strategies.

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