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Absolute Return Portfolio – An Alternative to Traditional
Buy-and-Hold Portfolios

Since the mid 1990s, we have stressed to our clients how important it is to invest in the stock and bond markets through programs that have the potential to mitigate the impact of losses through active management strategies.  Our Absolute Returns Special Report emphasized the importance of investments with the potential to produce “absolute returns,” which are investment programs and funds with the potential to make money in up OR down markets.  Of course, there is no guarantee they will achieve this goal.

In 2005, we introduced our Absolute Return Portfolio – originally a set of three groups of mutual funds, each with a different target return and risk category. In 2009, we consolidated these groups into a single portfolio.

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Using extensive research and our sophisticated mutual fund analysis software, we examined the mutual fund universe, looking for mutual funds that we would characterize as “Steady Eddie” funds – those that have delivered good returns (although not necessarily the highest) through various and different market environments – with limited drawdowns.   Once a number of potential candidates were identified, we then ran various combinations of these funds inside a single portfolio, in an effort to further enhance potential performance and reduce the risk of loss.  The culmination of all of this research is now available to our clients in the form of our Absolute Return Portfolio.

The minimum required to invest in our Absolute Return Portfolio is only $25,000. Individual accounts are opened at TD Ameritrade where the funds will be purchased and held.

If you are interested in learning more about the HWM Absolute Return Portfolio, please click on the following link for a more detailed description, including management fees, performance history and important disclosure information:

Absolute Return Portfolio

Or CLICK HERE to access an online order form where you can request additional information to be sent to you in the mail. 

As you review the Absolute Return Portfolio information, it is important to remember that any mutual fund investment carries a risk of loss, and that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  Also be sure to read Important Information included on Page 4 of the Portfolio Profile.

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