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Managed Strategies - Real Estate Programs

Halbert Wealth Management recently found three successful real estate programs for our clients to invest in. All three offer:

  • Diversified exposure to a large portfolio of real estate
  • Professional management
  • Low minimum investments
  • Regular liquidity for additions & redemptions

Two of the three opportunities are Real Estate Investment Trusts or "REITs." What is a REIT? Investors purchase shares of a REIT, and the REIT uses this capital to purchase a portfolio of properties. Tenants that lease the space in these properties pay rent to the REIT. The rent (minus fees and expenses associated with managing the REIT) is passed along to REIT investors as distributions.

In addition, with a REIT, the properties purchased may also increase in value over time. Increases in value can result in capital gains for investors in the REIT.

JLL Income Property Trust

JLL Income Property Trust is a REIT that invests in a portfolio of office buildings, apartments, retail anchored shopping centers and industrial properties. They are geographically diversified across the country, with properties in many different regions.

JLL leases the properties to high-quality, credit-worthy tenants with long-term leases. These include high-profile companies like Starbucks, Whole Foods, TJ Maxx, etc. Many of these companies do not want to tie up their capital in real estate. Therefore, funds like JLL own the property, and then lease it to these companies. These leases require the tenant to pay the majority of the property operating costs. Read more >>

Cole Real Estate Income Strategy

Cole Real Estate Income Strategy is another REIT that invests the majority of its assets in retail, including retail-anchored shopping centers. They also invest in industrial, office and restaurant properties.

They work with companies like Home Depot and Walgreens, which like the companies mentioned above, do not want their assets tied up with a lot of real estate. These companies also guarantee the lease agreements. Of course, Cole, like JLL, only works with companies that they determine have strong balance sheets. Read more >>

Griffin Capital Institutional Access Real Estate Fund

Griffin Capital Institutional Access Real Estate Fund is an "interval" fund that also invests in real estate. However, rather than buying properties directly, it invests in large real estate funds that own a broad portfolio of properties. It also invests in public real estate securities.

This provides a way to access multiple different managers and strategies in a single account. Many of these strategies have higher minimums that might make it difficult for investors to access them individually. Read more >>

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