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Select Portfolios

Select PortfoliosThe HWM Select Portfolios are a group of investments carefully chosen based on your goals, expectations and risk tolerance. Your individual portfolio is comprised of investments that have been researched and selected by HWMs Investment Committee. The Committee looks for funds with low correlation with major market indexes, low volatility, reasonable losing periods (drawdowns) and attractive historical returns. They also look for investments that use active management strategies that seek to enhance returns while at the same time managing the risks of being in the market.

Your Investment Consultant will design a portfolio to help you meet your needs and goals, and monitor it on an ongoing basis, making adjustments as markets change, or your financial situation changes. You can monitor the progress of your investment plan by the most important metric – RESULTS!

The minimum investment for a Select Portfolios account is $50,000. Accounts are held at TD Ameritrade, which has online access to client accounts.

Select Portfolios

After analysis of your Confidential Investor Profile questionnaire and in-depth discussions by phone or in person, your personal Investment Consultant will develop a plan to fit your needs. Individual holdings are selected from a group of investments that have been researched and pre-approved by HWM’s Investment Committee, each of which employing a time-tested active management strategy designed to enhance returns and/or manage risks.

Once your portfolio is developed, your HWM Investment Consultant will communicate the proposed course of action and the plan for its implementation. To eliminate emotions that might affect putting the plan into action, your Investment Consultant will have the discretion to establish the initial portfolio and make subsequent changes, while keeping you informed of actions taken.

Whether your portfolio is small or large, the Select Portfolios offer a way to participate in an investment plan tailored to fit your individual goals and needs. They remove the need to make day-to-day investment decisions without sacrificing visibility or liquidity. Read more >>

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