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Our Goal - Absolute Returns

Most investment programs offered in the financial services industry are geared toward producing performance that is favorable in comparison to one or more market indexes. So if a portfolio’s “relative performance” is higher than a given benchmark index, the money manager can claim that it “beat the market.”

This means that money managers can claim to be successful even when they have double-digit losses, as long as their losses are not as large as their benchmark’s. 

That’s why the primary goal of the investment strategies we recommend is to produce “absolute returns,” which are consistent positive returns in both up and down market environments. A detailed analysis is available in our Absolute Returns Special Report.

The Smart Way To Invest. Add successful third-party money managers who use active investment strategies to your portfolio.

Managed Strategies
Unique programs for the experienced investor interested in actively managed alternative investments.

Select Portfolios
A portfolio of carefully selected actively managed strategies based on your goals, expectations and risk tolerance.

Need Help?  Here’s How to Get the Ball Rolling

An investment management recommendation can only be effective if it is made within the context of your financial goals, risk tolerance and other investments. For this reason, the first step in our client relationship is to obtain important information about your personal financial situation in order to better tailor our recommendations to your individual needs.

The best way to begin this process is to Contact Us to discuss how our absolute return strategies may be incorporated into your portfolio.

Your personal Investment Consultant will answer any questions you may have about absolute returns or our investment programs, and will ask you to complete a Confidential Investor Profile. This questionnaire helps us help you by identifying your investment goals, defining your investment expectations and determining your tolerance for investment risk.

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